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Felony Lawyer in Chattanooga

A Felony Lawyer in Chattanooga with a Passion for Justice

If you find yourself searching “criminal defense attorney near me”, look no further than Caldwell Huckabay. Caldwell is a seasoned felony lawyer in Chattanooga with a passion for justice. He uses his unwavering ethical standards to help his clients navigate the justice system and be able to tell their side of the story. Everyone has a right to a proper defense, no matter what crime they allegedly committed. Caldwell became a criminal justice lawyer to help those in need of a legal defense have a fair trial no matter what their race, creed, or background. When you’re searching the internet for a  “criminal defense attorney near me” you’re looking for a quality attorney with an acute understanding of the law and an unshakeable moral compass, that’s why you need Caldwell Huckabay.
Caldwell has lived in Chattanooga ever since graduating from LSU School of Law in 1989. He began his career at Chambliss and Bahner in Chattanooga, but eventually became a prosecutor at the Hamilton County DA’s office. He has won countless cases for crimes ranging from felony murder to DUI. Plus, he taught criminal and constitutional law for 20 years at the Baylor School. It is this variety of unique experiences that have made Caldwell Huckabay a formidable felony defense lawyer. If you live in Chattanooga and need a seasoned attorney with expert level knowledge and experience, you need Caldwell Huckabay. Request a free case review today with no cost and no obligation. No matter what kind of case you’re fighting, he is here to help. The justice system can be complex and tough to understand if you don’t possess the training and knowledge to build a strong case. Many innocent people end up spending time behind bars simply because they don’t have access to a competent attorney to help them fight the case. When you need the best felony lawyer in Chattanooga, look no further than Caldwell Huckabay.

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