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Domestic Assault Lawyer Near Me

Are You In Search of a “Domestic Assault Lawyer Near Me”?

When an abuser intentionally causes a physical injury to a person he, or she, has a certain relationship with, it is considered domestic assault. The act of domestic assault can be performed against a boyfriend/girlfriend, ex spouse, parent, sibling, roommate, child or even someone with whom you had a sexual relationship. All charges of domestic assault can result in steep penalties if convicted. If you have been accused of domestic assault, it is important to contact a domestic assault lawyer immediately. 

If you live in TN and you’re looking for a quality “domestic assault lawyer near me”, you need Caldwell Huckabay. He is an attorney based in Chattanooga, TN who has years of experience dealing with domestic assault cases. In addition to his experience as an attorney, he also taught criminal and constitutional law for 20 years at Baylor School, so he has intimate knowledge of the law. He has dedicated his life to helping clients navigate the criminal justice system and receive a fair trial. If you are involved in a domestic dispute and are on the lookout for a “domestic assault lawyer near me”, to help you tell your side of the story, look no further than Caldwell Huckabay. He is a seasoned attorney with years of experience who is available to help you fight your case. 

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