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Attorney in Chattanooga

A Top Attorney in Chattanooga with Years of Experience

There is no aspect of the law too complex for Caldwell Huckabay. When you need an attorney in Chattanooga who understands the subtleties of the field, he is your man. He is a graduate of LSU Law School and graduated in the top 25% of his class. He taught for almost 20 years at Baylor School in the field of criminal and constitutional law and published several articles during his time as a member of the Louisiana Law Review. He is both a federal court lawyer in Chattanooga and an attorney in Chattanooga with years of experience in the practice. He is now available to take on any cases that need a seasoned professional.
In addition to commercial litigation, Caldwell is also well versed in:

  • Criminal defense

  • Felonies

  • Misdemeanors

  • DUIs & Drug Cases

  • Theft & Burglary

  • Sexual Assault

  • Domestic Assault

  • Divorce and Family Law

He is a jack of all trades within the legal profession and is comfortable practicing in a wide variety of fields. When you need an experienced professional to try your case, look no further than Caldwell Huckabay. When you need a federal court lawyer in Chattanooga, you need to trust the best. Federal cases are notoriously hard to win and if you have any hope of building a solid case you need an attorney who has been there. Caldwell has tried and won countless cases, and he is happy to lend his experience to those in need. Anyone searching for a quality attorney in Chattanooga or federal court lawyer in Chattanooga should get in touch. You can request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation through his website or give him a call directly. He is always happy to speak with prospective clients about their legal needs.

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